Ahad, 28 Disember 2014


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Recently, a mosque in Sweden once again burned by strangers. This proves brains are still thickened Islamophobia in Western societies. Their attitude to anti-Muslim are still strong in themselve. They are able to attack the mosque owned by Muslims because hatred directed at Islam but Islam is innocent to them.

Over the years the West hate Islam. They never like to Muslim even once. For this reason, they always find a way how to destroy Islam. No wonder why the West, especially the United States are very fond of attacking Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and more. All that they do because feelings are extremely averse to Islam.

I am reminded that we as Muslims should never be fooled by their acting. They show that they are well ahead of us but behind us, they are very bore us. They will try to figure out how to destroy us. They do good to us not because of their attitude so but we have an interest to them, such as petroleum, natural wealth and so on.

In the countries of Islam, the non Muslims have got a good life. They can work, do business, and have a good life. But in non-Muslim countries, Muslims are oppressed even if they were citizens of the country. For example in France, Muslim women are not allowed to wear a hijab to go out to work. Where justice, human rights and democracy are often propagated by the West, especially the United States?

Even worse, some of them were arrested in Guatanamo Bay solely because they are considered terrorists by the national authorities. They accuse Malaysia cruel as to maintain the Sedition Act but they tortured their prisoners in Guatanamo Bay Islam was not deemed cruel! Who is more cruel? We or them?

In conclusion, as Muslims, we must be careful with guile West. As if they never loved us. They just acted alone in front of us with good to us but they are very hostile to us as Muslims. We need to be careful not to get caught with their game.

8 ulasan:

  1. Nampaknya dunia semakin menghampiri penghujungnya. Terlalu banyak kebencian dan pembunuhan..

  2. The West mungkin dah pupuk sifat anti-Islam n anti-Muslim pada anak-anak kecil mereka.

  3. skrg mcm2 cara yg digunakan oleh barat untuk jatuhkan Islam...semoga Allah melindungi kita semua :)

  4. Menunggu detik2 kemenangan islam.. perkara itu telah dijanjikan...hanya mnunggu masa...

  5. bersabar je lah menunggu kemenangan itu...


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